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About Us

We have been in business for over 17 years.  We are passionate about creating unique handmade 3D wood puzzles.  We are even more passionate about making customers happy.  We want all of our wood puzzles to be unique, enjoyable, and to bring lasting smiles.  We are committed to sustainability and create our wood puzzles using sustainable and non-toxic materials.   As a company we focus on customers, employees, and quality. 


About Our Products

Some customers call our wood puzzles, “artwork puzzles”.  Every wood puzzle we create begins with an artistic idea.  The artistic idea is an individual concept that embodies a global understanding.  Each wood puzzle is handmade, hand painted, and thoroughly inspected for quality.  We take pride in creating wood puzzles that are unique and high quality.


About Our Customers

For over 17 years we have been serving thousands of customers across the globe.  Our customers love the unique aspects of our wood puzzles.  Our wood puzzles offer a unique gift for all ages.  We work closely with our customers to make them happy and we love making puzzles for unique ideas for birthday parties, weddings, company logos, and home décor.  If you have a puzzle idea, we want to hear from you!


Thank you for stopping by our online store! 

We look forward to you enjoying our handmade wood puzzles!

Happy Customers