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  • Stegosaurus Puzzle Magnet

    Stegosaurus Magnet


    Stegosaurus dinosaur puzzle with magnet.  Handmade and hand painted, made from recycled wood.  This Stegosaurus puzzle has a magnet on the back making it both a fun puzzle and exciting dinosaur magnet!

  • Wooden Stegosaurus Dinosaur Puzzle

    Wooden Stegosaurus Dinosaur Puzzle


    This is the best selling wooden dinosaur puzzle!  This is a handmade and hand painted puzzle, crafted using recycled wood.  The Stegosaurus dinosaur puzzle has intricate detail reflecting the real dinosaur’s history and our artist’s creativity!  The puzzle is 3D, painted on both sides, and measures 10 inches across and 6 inches tall.  

    You will love this puzzle!